The key to marketing is understanding what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. What is the end goal? Once you have that figured out, it’s easier to create a plan to turn a Facebook like into a devoted customer. So start brainstorming today – what are you marketing?

Set Goals

Make sure you set goals for your Facebook marketing campaign. You can even try launching your campaign on a trial basis if you’re not exactly sure how your audience will react to it. Once you get a general idea of how interested your customers are, you’ll more accurately be able to set goals for your campaign.

Link Your Facebook To Your Other Campaigns

It’s smart for you to link your Facebook page to your other campaigns. Place links on your blog, website, and even in the signature of your professional emails. You should draw attention to your Facebook page by presenting it as a way to get access to exclusive content and more promotional offers.

Use All the Tools at Your Disposal

Use all of the free tools available to you on Facebook when utilizing the platform to market your business. There are many different ways in which you can customize your page— the key is knowing what the tools are and how to use them. If you need help there are many tutorials on websites, including on Facebook, that can give you some tips.