Nearly anyone can create a business card. However, to create a business card that stands out, it takes a bit more effort. Here are 3 tips for creating the perfect business card.


The information and what a business card looks like is dependent on what you want it to do. Established business people may want to keep who gets their information selective. For this reason, they might choose to have only their name and email on their card. Job seekers should not give out business cards with their former company on it. Think about your purpose and make sure your business card reflects that.


A business card needs to be readable, so do not try to get fancy with the formatting and fonts. 12 points is ideal, and you should never use anything smaller than six points. Keep the information clear and precise.


Finally, make sure that the information you are providing is accurate. A business card that does not have accurate information on it is essentially useless. Double check the spelling of everything before sending out to have your business cards printed.