Business logos become the symbol of your company — once consumers have seen a logo often enough, they’ll immediately make a subliminal connection every time they encounter the logo again. While logo design is of vital importance, color choice matters a great deal, too.

Color will, in fact, be the very first thing consumers identify.

On the whole:

  • Blue and gray tones are associated with trust and stability, making them a common choice for the financial sector.
  • Red signifies not only energy and passion but also hunger — rendering it rather popular among businesses within the food industry.
  • Yellow hues may be the right primary color choice for brands hoping to portray optimism.
  • Green has come to stand for environmental awareness.
  • Black and darker gray may invoke feelings of decadence.
  • Purples are often the choice of creative businesses that want to stand out.

Most company logos feature no more than two colors, while those who choose three or more colors are in a serious minority. When it comes to designing a company logo, it is important to consider what feeling you want customers to tap into most.

While it is unlikely they will even realize it, the main color a company chooses will have a great deal of influence on their impression of the company’s values.