The subconscious mind is extremely powerful. It gives us access to memories and provides quick recall. Additionally, it influences our moods and habits. The subconscious mind also processes everything we take in through our senses. This includes how we react to different colors.

When it comes to buying habits, studies have shown that 93 percent of buyers rely on the visual appearance when they are looking at products. Even more importantly, 85 percent of people stated that color is one of the main reasons they choose a product and 90 percent stated that impulse buys are based solely on color.

Impulse shoppers are most attracted to light and medium blues, blacks, and red and orange hues. A traditional buyer often finds shades of pink and light blue the most attractive. Teals and dark blues attract the more budget-conscious shoppers.

Yellow is attention-grabbing, which is why it is often used in displays in stores. Green helps to relax consumers and orange shows a call to action. When prices are given in red, most consumers think they are saving more. Reds also drive buyers to make faster and more rash decisions. Blues relate to a less crowded and more calming environment.