As a full-service print and digital marketing company, we offer affordable and high-quality business logo design services. Many of our clients are in need of a standout graphic to define their company’s brand, but how do you design a great business logo?

Know Your Company

Having a great business logo design starts with a clearly defined brand and company. You must have a concrete grasp on your services, your customers, and your brand identity. We know that can be a lot to ask, but if you don’t know these things, you’ll end up with a logo that doesn’t represent your business goals well.

Think of Scale

It’s important to consider size in logo design. A great logo can be made as small as an app icon on your phone, or as large as a billboard on the highway and still be recognizable. Avoid tiny fonts and complicated details that turn smaller logos into a jumbled mess.

Whatever your business logo design vision, we at AJ Graphics can help you bring it to life. We offer consultations, as well as logo design from scratch to use on all your branded merch and your digital marketing. Contact us today for more information.