Your logo is ultimately the symbol of your company. It’s what captivates potential consumers first— if it’s memorable enough, it’ll stay on their minds for a while. 

What goes into creating a logo, you may ask? Well, you’ll need to look at the different styles in graphic design, the different images and symbols available to you, and your overall color scheme. 

In order to make these types of decisions, you’ll likely want to consult with a professional marketing brand specialist and graphic designer. 


The types of things you’ll want to think about right before the consultation are: 

Your Company’s Purpose

What is it that your company does? What do you do that makes you unique, compared to the comparable companies out there? What are specific qualities that are associated with your company?


Your Company’s Voice

This is related to your purpose— what are you saying to the world with your brand, products, and/or services? What feelings are you trying to convey? What are you saying that no one else out there is saying?


Your Company’s Audience

Who are your main consumers? Who are you appealing to? What are their specific demographics?


You’d be surprised with what kinds of answers you’ll come up with, and how they will help you in designing your company’s logo. It’ll make it easier for you to come up with a color scheme, style, and symbol to represent you and your business.